It’s very important to use a specific type of marketing for your home health business. Home health marketing should be done as cost effectively as possible. A majority of home based business neglect marketing and focus too heavily on the quality of their product or service and the PR.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re really in the “marketing of your business, business”.

There’s one type of marketing that works well with home based business’, especially in the health and fitness industry. This type of marketing is called Direct Response.

Here are a few home health marketing tips that will help you increase response to your ads and therefore increase your bottom line.

Avoid Advertising Agency’s
There’s really no need to hire a “big agency” to do your marketing. But it is important you have someone with direct response knowledge to write your ads and promotions.

The type of advertising agency’s do, I consider, is corporate advertising. They focus on brand image and awareness when you should be focusing on cost effective customer acquisition- turning more prospects into customers.

If you have a customer list, use it!
The number one place you make money is your current customers. You have already established trust and they, more than likely, are satisfied with your product or service. If you’re not sending them monthly sales letters for back end sales you’re losing money.

Advertise locally and offer something free
The number one technique in direct response marketing to get qualified prospects is to write a lead generation ad (you should look into a direct response copywriter for that) that offers something free; like a report or a recorded message.

You do this with the caveat that they must leave you their name and address. Once they give you that you’re golden! You have a targeted lead that you should sell to immediately.

Those are just a few home health advertising tips.

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Chris Stella

Repeating Revenue, LLC